Quality produce, healthy cooking methods and nutritionally balanced recipes


With so many unnecessary man made additives, preservatives and flavourings kicking about in our food these days it's no wonder people are finding it hard to maintain a healthy weight and have increasingly more immune problems, allergies, injuries and mental issues!

The Ampthill Nutrition Kitchen aims to increase your health through use of good quality produce, healthy cooking methods and nutritionally balanced recipes!!  Everything is homemade, fresh from the kitchen and carefully measured out to provide maximum nutrition and taste no matter what your lifestyle is!  From gym junkies to office workers, our recipes will be sure to satisfy while keeping your health as number one priority!

Each recipe follows the quarter plate method - 1/4 high quality protein - meat/cheese/nuts.   1/4 starch - starchy vegetables, grains, seeds, rice, pasta etc and 1/2 fresh high quality vegetables.  With some nice clean healthy fats such as organic cold pressed raw coconut oil and organic cold pressed hemp and olive oils thrown in for good measure!!

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Often we get caught up eating the same foods week in week out, you will find in all the dishes (including our delicious soups) no less than four different vegetables - boosting your veg intake, dietary fibre and heart healthy carbohydrates!! 

Each day is a different recipe using a good balanced mix of different ingredients ensuring a well balanced diet!  Wherever possible I try to use gluten free ingredients, limit dairy products and can replace nuts with seeds if need be!  Although I handle nuts, dairy products and products containing gluten, I can create recipes without these ingredients for those with allergies. 

Meet the Team

Image of Lauren Rymills - Owner of The Ampthill Nutrition Kitchen

Lauren Rymills


I have always loved food and very quickly found a love for cooking and trying new things in the kitchen.  Paired together with my interest in fitness and nutrition, I have created tasty dishes which are healthy and nutrient dense, perfect for post workout feeds, healthy lunches at work or a healthy quick lunch alternative to the usual bakery roll or petrol station snacks!  



Each day for a month there is a different delicious, balanced recipe.  Choose which day/s you would like to order either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days in a week


Decide which weeks in the month you'd like your meals


Choose whether you'd like delivery or pick up from our location at Crossfit Ampthill. And that's it!



No only do we take pride in all the ingredients we use in our meals, we also think about the environment when we package them up for you. We use Vegware containers with are compostable after use, helping the planet whilst keeping you healthy.


If you would prefer to order on the day and collect, that's fine too, however disappointment can not be guaranteed!  Online pre ordering and payment insures you will get in on the action!!  With waste prevention in mind there will only be a certain amount of extra's made each day for walk in's!

Using our loyalty card, every 11th meal is free!  Simply submit your loyalty card each time you pick up your lunch and we will stamp it, once you've filled the ten logo's up, the eleventh one is free!!


Members discount's are given to Crossfit Ampthill Members!!  If you'd like to supplement your nutrition with some fun and rewarding exercise with great coaches and fantastic community spirit then speak to Matt about joining the Crossfit Ampthill community and make the most of your balanced nutrition!!